Junk Status: Agriculture could Save the South African Economy

The process of generating affordable food for a population is key to whether or not the population survives. Despite our South Africa being downgraded to junk status, agriculture is in fact one of our strongest points and it can diminish the negative effects of the weakening rand.

Farming in South Africa

Farming in South Africa has always been somewhat of an art involving observation of the weather to determine the season’s yield. These days this artistry is being manipulated to include new innovations and techniques that increase crop production.

Consult an online directory or a list of farming suppliers to become acquainted with some of the aspects of agriculture in South Africa that are changing.

Life after drought: What now?

The droughts that have been experienced throughout the farmlands of South Africa have heavily affected the yield and mass losses of cattle and other livestock. With the rains returning and wheat production picking up, cattle farmers will be able to make up for their losses because more feed is already available. This time last year, water and livestock feed were virtually non-existent and farmers had to watch their livestock deteriorate.

So things are looking up despite the media hype surrounding the new junk status. The agricultural sector has the ability to boost the economy by producing enough wheat locally and for exports. Even though the rand has become weaker, the dollar also has not reached its usual heights. Given this series of events, it is predicted that South Africa will bounce back off of the profits and success of agriculture.

The systems in place to support South African agriculture

The Land Bank was established to ensure that the commercial farming sector always has government-mandated financing – thus South African farming continuously develops. There are regional unions in place to safeguard the agricultural growth of individual communities working within South Africa’s agricultural web. Specialised groups protect the different facets of agriculture from fisheries to woodlands.

Agriculture is advancing in South Africa thanks to the farming suppliers who are supporting sustainable agriculture in pursuit of a better future for the nation. Once again, the drought may not mean doom and gloom as one might have expected. The means of reinforcement which are in place will help South Africans thrive in the face of adversity.

Agriculture is the cornerstone of our communities and we thank all those who work hard every day to keep South Africa fed– and financially afloat!