Questions to Ask Before Getting Field Service Management Software

Now that managers and technicians are expected to do more every day, getting suitable field service management software has become critical. A wrong system can mix up communications, cause delays, and cost revenue. To avoid these problems and many others, consider asking the following questions to get the perfect software for your company. Check the best field service management software 2017 reviews too.

Is it compatible with the devices you have at the company?

When investing in a new system, you don’t want to end up spending thousands on getting new hardware. If you use android phones in your company and you buy a system that is exclusively designed for the iPhone, all the intended benefits will not be realized. Top field service management apps today run on all mobile gadgets, whether they’re based on Android, Mac, iOS, or Mac. The apps support tablets, laptops, and smartphones equally and do not force the company to change how it operates. To have true mobile compatibility, managers and technicians must be able to access the required tools no matter the devices they use or where they are.

Can the application be connected to other systems in the company?

A field service system is supposed to streamline your workflow rather than add more issues. You need to ensure that the new software you want to buy plays nicely with the other applications you are already using. For instance, if your company accepts credit card payments from the field, the technicians should know how to connect to the payment gateway. The best field service software will integrate with other 3rd party apps smoothly.

Can the software grow when the company does?

Whether you run a corporation that spans state lines or a small business, it’s important for you to count on the scalability of your software. You need a tool that can handle several technicians, managers, dispatchers, and customers. As the business expands, you need to get messaging, invoicing, administrative and scheduling to match. A popular software is customizable; they can be tailored to support HVAC repair companies, locksmiths, plumbing contractors, carpet cleaners, tow truck operators, and more.

Will you get ideal options for customer management?

Screens and databases need to be flexible so that they can keep track of service plans and warranties, including other product offerings for different customer groups and business locations. The invoices also must be accurate so that clients can pay on time. An ideal software will make it easy for technicians to search through past work, search and find important customers, and also generate maintenance or follow-up work for additional sales.

Is it simple to use?

The system you choose should be easy to use. The user experience needs to be simple and straightforward. Whether you are preparing work orders, scheduling appointments, identifying sales opportunities or reporting on time sheets, the process must be seamless. It should be easy to find what you require when you need it.

Suitable field service management software can improve customer experience, increase productivity and make work easier. If you get a tool that you can count on when it comes to scalability, compatibility, ease of use, and functionality, you have indeed found a winner.